About Clavata…

Clavata hopes to deliver quality, healthy ant queens and colonies. We believe in Quality over Quantity and only sell the best.

We have been keeping and selling ants for several years and have plenty of experience caring for a large variety of species. We also are highly experienced at shipping them, so that they arrive as healthy as possible.

Our philosophy is: Only sell what you would want to buy. As Ant Keepers we have high standards for the colonies we would like to buy. This mentality is replicated in our shop, we will only sell colonies that are establishing and flourishing well!

All photos on this website are of colonies we have had in the past.

We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase, however if on the occasion that something does happen or go wrong, then we will be here to make it right.

If you do need any help/advice, please contact us here: