Camponotus brasiliensis

Camponotus brasiliensis


Colony for sale contains a single Queen and around 5-10+ workers as well as brood. The Queen is unfortunately missing one leg however she is producing loads of new eggs.

A very pretty species of Camponotus originating from Brazil, also incredibly fast growing! (Video below showing a more mature colony - colonies are able to reach this size in a matter of months.)

Temperatures between 22-25 centigrade is good for growth.

For Humidity, a test tube provides a good gradient for young colonies however a ytong nest hydrated every few days works well after that, being a Camponotus from a tropical region they would appreciate a little bit more humidity than a desert Camponotus. A good precaution would also be to provide a test tube of water in the outworld/arena so they can drink at any point in time.

Feeding they will require both proteins and sugars for them to grow and develop. Sugars can be provided in the way of sugar water, honey or fresh fruits. Good protein sources include, crickets, fruit flies and roaches. Make sure the food is free from mites and anything else potentially dangerous to the ants. Every few days for protein and to supply a tube of sugar water 24/7 so they can drink it when they want to.

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Camponotus brasiliensis. Footage provided by Matthew Marshall.