Carebara diversa

Carebara diversa


Commonly known as the Asian Marauder ant, this species is highly aggressive and swarms prey. They can grow very rapidly when kept correctly, however they are tricky to keep.

Food: Proteins: Crickets, flies etc. When colony grows they can take larger pieces of protein such as roaches. They also require sugars such as sugar water, honey. They may also accept seeds.

Temperatures: 21-27 centigrade.

Nesting Requirements: A well made natural setup is best. However a ytong nest is also a viable setup - though harder. Here at Clavata we recommend these are kept in a bio-active setup.

Hibernation: No.

Skill Level: Experienced.

Special Notes: A very popular species but can be tricky to maintain - make sure to have a suitable setup ready on arrival. This species is prone to mites so it is imperative to clean their setup regularly and leave no waste behind.

We understand the importance of having a substantial amount of workers to begin a colony of this species and as such we will only send the biggest and strongest colonies to customers.


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