Harpegnathos venator

Harpegnathos venator


Commonly known as the Asian Jumping Ant, H.venator is a very unique and interesting species, they have a very unusual appearance, being very slender with massive jaws and eyes. When in danger or hunting they are able to jump away or jump to attack, another interesting feature when hunting is, they will “wiggle” their abdomen.

They are very majestic and full of personality; however, they are also very tricky to look after if you haven’t got a proper setup. These ants do not do well in artificial setups, and they also have a very nasty habitat of just dying off with little to no reason – if any condition is only slightly wrong the whole colony can die quite fast! So acrylic setups/tubes don’t generally work at all, ytong and plaster is a possibility but again will be very tricky. Best setup for these by far is a Bio-Active terrarium setup. Since these ants are sensitive to mites it is best to have a full bio-active setup, so mites are not an issue. The best sort of substrate for them would be a clay/sand/soil mix with a larger ratio being clay, since it is a great substrate for digging a nest. Growth and development of this species is also very slow, and it can take months from egg to worker. So, patience is very much required. When it comes to getting conditions right temperatures of around 24-26 centigrade is best for growth, humidity needs to be quite humid and tropical.

Best foods for them are crickets which seem to be very popular – just make sure the crickets are completely mite free. They don’t seem overly interested in sweet foods when the colony is small, but it is always good to provide it just in case!

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