Messor bouvieri

Messor bouvieri


M.bouvieri originates from Southern Europe, from the same regions as Messor barbarus. They differ mainly by size with Messor barbarus being slightly bigger. M.bouvieri is also far easier to keep, and will not stress out nearly as easily, they tend to not eat their brood (unlike barbarus).

They are also calmer and hardier than Messor barbarus, and are much less likely to be stressed out!

A rarer species of Messor but still with very simple care similar to Messor barbarus.

Hibernation - Yes. Same as Messor barbarus, November to February at about 15 centigrade.

They require mixed foods, proteins and sugars as well as seeds. Though it is important to remember they cannot live completely off seeds. Suggestions of foods would be: Chia seeds, which are our personal choice (get a free mini-tubewith each queen purchased). Crickets for protein and sugar water for energy. They are fine at room temperature though will develop far quicker and better at temperatures of 25-27c. In terms of setup, a ytong nest will be most suitable.

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