Neoponera apicalis

Neoponera apicalis


Neoponera apicalis is one of the more underrated South American species in my opinion. They are highly aggressive and incredibly active. Much like Paraponera they possess a painful sting however are far more interesting to watch and colonies develop much quicker. They are always active foraging and hunting and will readily consume food given to them. They thrive in natural setups but can also be kept successfully in ytong nests. They also have excellent eyesight. They are a metallic black/grey colour with yellow tipped antenna.

Size 18-20mm Long. Queen Very similar to workers can be distinguished by thorax.

Best setup would be some sort of natural tank. Consisting of a mix of substrates - soil,clay and moss - as well as plants wood and a clean up crew (springtails and woodlice). This sort of setup I would highly recommend for them - note it is not included. However you can also keep them in artificial nests such as ytong (they cannot be kept in acrylic etc ) it is however good to provide some substrate and springtails to help clean up the setup.

They are avid hunters and will eat almost anything, a favourite being crickets. They also appreciate sugar water.

A very interesting species that is recommended to more experienced keepers due to the fact they can deliver a nasty sting.

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