Paraponera clavata

Paraponera clavata


Paraponera clavata otherwise known as the bullet ant is a fascinating species, measuring nearly 30mm in length and known for having one of the most painful stings in the world. They are however actually quite docile! They generally won’t attack unless provoked and are quite peaceful. They are however a very hard to keep ant and are extremely slow to grow they can take months to get a single worker however it is very rewarding.

To keep them you will need a vivarium setup ready - the larger the better. The setup we have is 60cm long and 30cm width and 30cm depth. With suitable substrate for digging such as clay/soil mixture and good warmth. It is highly recommended to go full bio-active and have plants and clean up crews. This species certainly deserves a stunning setup! Temperatures of around 25 centigrade are good and they need rainforest humidity however too much can damage the brood the colony has killing it - so don't flood them. If you need any advice when it comes to the setup and care please send me an email.

This is a species for experts and experienced keepers only! Please do not buy if you have not done enough research or have the experience to take care of them.

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