Pogonomyrmex californicus

Pogonomyrmex californicus


The Californian Harvester Ant with stunning orange colouration. A seed eating species by name they can develop well when kept correctly.

Food: Being a species of Harvester ant they require seeds to be made into “ant bread” these seeds need to be pesticide free, so make sure to be careful which you choose. We will provide a small container of seeds with each colony to get you started. They also require sugars (they seem to enjoy honey) however sugar water will work just as well. They will also need protein for growth such as crickets, flies etc. They are also semi-claustral and need feeding during founding.

Temperatures: Being a species that resides mainly in the more arid areas they are able to cope with slightly higher temperatures, however we recommend keeping them at around 26-27 centigrade.

Nesting Requirements: This is an important point and is imperative especially when founding colonies for best success, much like Myrmecocystus sp (honey pot ants) they require sand for the larvae to pupate correctly, and as such the setup must contain sand. For future setups this is also required and they are best suited to more natural setups or a ytong nest with substrate available.

Hibernation: They have a diapause of approximately the same amount of time as Southern Europe species. They are a hardy species and can withstand low temperatures.

Skill Level: Medium. Possess a painful sting and if kept incorrectly there is a high chance of failure.

Special Notes: This species possesses a painful sting and as such should be treated with respect, if you are allergic to bee/wasp stings we recommend you do not buy these.

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