Solenopsis geminata

Solenopsis geminata


Our Solenopsis geminata queens are captured by our private supplier during their nuptial flight, they are then raised in test tube setups. Once they have the first generation of workers they are shipped to us. This means we can guarantee healthy and fertile colonies, this is especially important since the success rate of single S.geminata queens is very low.

Solenopsis Geminata, highly aggressive and fast growing species, i only recommend people with experience attempts to keep them, since young colonies can be a bit tricky to get started without experience.

Each colony was founded recently, and contains one fertile queen with her first workers and brood. They are best kept at around 25-27 centigrade. Test tubes have worked well for me when i founded my colony, they provide humidity without having to top up the nest. They love sugar water and small insects, however as the colony grows so does their appetite so make sure you have the time and effort to dedicate to this species!

I have a colony of S.geminata myself which i have had for around a year now which numbers in the 10's of thousands with alates, raised from a colony the size i have for sale, if you ever need any help with your colony feel free to message me and i will be happy to help!

Guaranteed to arrive alive to the UK and EU ✅

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