Our Policies.


• Orders are shipped Monday to Thursday within the UK and will generally arrive next day.

• Special Delivery does not include Saturday Delivery.

• Orders within Europe that haven't paid for UPS will be shipped Monday only. This is to avoid any weekend delays.

• Orders made via UPS in Europe will be shipped Monday to Wednesday.

• We may delay shipping due to adverse weather conditions. If so, you will be notified.

• Strictly NO Sales to anywhere outside Europe.

Live Arrival Guarantee

• All Queens are guaranteed to arrive alive to the UK and EU.

• Workers and Brood are not covered by the guarantee.

• Should you need to claim please email us as soon as possible after arriving. Ants are guaranteed until arrival after arrival the care is up to you.

• We cannot guarantee them after arrival due to us not knowing what conditions they will be kept in, however if you need any advice at any point about the species you are keeping feel free to send me an email.

• If you fail to be there for the first delivery attempt the guarantee is void. We will provide tracking info and estimated delivery time to make this process smooth.

Replacements can be made, but will not include shipping.


• 14 Day standard return is offered. However the ants must return in the condition your received them. Buyer pays return shipping.


• Livestock orders cannot be cancelled once they are dispatched. (A dispatch email will be sent.)

• We hold the right to cancel any order should the buyer be dodgy/a liability. We may also cancel the order if there is any complications with stock.


• Reservations can be made. We can hold ants for up to 2 weeks. A deposit of 20% will be required (this is non-refundable if you cancel). Please contact us via email to reserve a colony.


• You are responsible for making sure the address is entered correctly. We will send the parcel to the exact address you enter. If there are any errors, we cannot be held responsible and regrettably no refund will be possible. (If you do however notice a mistake when you've ordered and before it has been dispatched, send us an email and we can change it!)


• Our email is – info[at]clavata.co.uk

• We aim to reply within 24hrs. • Please send any claims to this email.

• We will contact you using this email, if there is an issue with your order or anything else that needs discussing/confirming.


Refunds can be made if the Queen arrives dead. However will not include postage costs.

Refunds cannot be made after 30 days of arrival.


• Since many of the ants we sell possess a sting/bite you are responsible for making sure that you do not get harmed and other people do not get harmed. We cannot be held liable! It is your duty to make sure you have researched the species enough.

• You are also responsible in making sure they do not escape. As releasing non-native species is illegal (and rightfully so!) in the UK and many other countries.

Some of these policies may sound harsh however they are to protect both the buyer and us the seller - we are an established and trusted shop and will help with whatever issues come up.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the policies feel free to send an email, we are here to help!

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