Privacy Policy.

Data we collect:

Data is collected from certain parts of the website.

  • When you visit, we collect information about which country you are from and which pages you visited.

  • Any information entered into the “contact form”.

  • Any information entered at the checkout.

  • Search terms from the “search bar”.

  • Which items were added to cart.

How this data is used:

Most information is used from a purely analytic view.

  • Information about the country you visited from, which pages you visited, search terms, items added to cart etc, are all anonymous, we never see who exactly this visit came from. We also do not see or collect IP addresses. Though the IP address is used to determine where you visited from.

  • All information that is entered at checkout or in the contact form is kept confidential.

  • Your address will be used by the shipping company to deliver your item.

  • For obvious reasons, we never see exact payment details which are kept secure by your chosen payment method, e.g. Stripe and PayPal.

Our promise:

We promise that no data will be handed, sold or distributed to any third parties. It remains 100% confidential.